Working for Utah’s Future

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It is a challenging task to determine who is the best candidate to represent  you, your precinct, and the Republican Party in the General Election.  You have some important issues to consider – and I will do all I can to support you in making that important decision.  Let’s make your vote count at the Davis County GOP Convention!

I am not a single issue candidate but there is one issue that is of deep concern to me.

  • Our children are the future of Utah and the Common Core threatens that future Our children’s education has been relegated to a Federal agenda for Federal funds.  This is not a Federal stewardship – it belongs to Utah!   It is essential that we return local control of our public education system to Utahns.

  • I will work equally hard to challenge the disparate and hollow promises, and platitudes surrounding teacher compensation and work place practices.  True leadership in teaching is best served when classroom teachers have a voice in the development and delivery of curriculum.

  • I support the Republican Party Platform.  It represents my conservative positions on the full spectrum of issues represented by the Republican GOP.

As I look through the bills that come before our legislature such as SB100, it becomes apparent that the battleground for preserving our religion, our families, the education of our children, our freedoms, and the bright future we hope for, is threatened during each legislative session.  There are elements that are fearless in pushing agendas that threaten our way of life.  You need someone who knows how to do battle against these threats – who won’t take no for an answer, and who will not rest when it comes to representing District 18.  I know what its like to be under fire.  I also know how to bring the battle to the enemy.  As a combat veteran, I will bring my war fighting tenacity to bear on these issues as well as decades of experience and preparation.  This is my commitment if you  elect me as your representative to the State Legislature.

You are invited to learn more by coming to “Meet Larry Events” listed on this website.  Please don’t hesitate to call or email me if you would like a private meeting.



Lawrence Wright

Home Phone:  801-397-1230

Cell Phone:  801-928-1816








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