My name is Larry Wright – I am running for the District 18, Utah State Representative Seat. I have spent most of my life serving my Country (Veteran) and community. I am motivated to serve and would like to represent our district in the State Legislature. For the last six years I have served on the Centerville City Council.  This experience has provided valuable training in working with our citizens on issues that are important to them – and to the city.  I have been trained to lead from my military career.  I  am well-prepared with experience in public service, academics and business.

I pledge to listen to all your concerns and ideas.

I pledge to keep you informed.

I pledge to test for (1) constitutionality, (2) benefit to the District, and (3) affordability.  If it creates greater debt or puts additional burdens on taxpayers, or grows government – I will not support or vote for it!

I pledge to lead out on important issues that matter to the District and the State.  I will not be a legislative couch potato!

I will not and have not engaged in unethical conduct.  Nor have I or will I accept contributions that compromise my ethical standards.  I represent the people of the District and it is their support that will keep me in office if I am elected! 

Some of the issues I am concerned about:

  • Protecting and safeguarding the traditional family.
  • The defense of our religious freedom.  Issues surrounding gender threaten both religious and traditional family life.
  • Restoring local control of public education to Utahns. 
  • Unemployment.  Government can help set the landscape to encourage employment opportunities within all sectors of our economy.
  • Veterans!  We need to recognize and help them reintegrate into society. 
  • The best ways to grow Utah’s economy within the proper role of government.
  • Welfare – caring for the poor and needy not as an entitlement but as a safety net. 
  • The growing burden of taxes and fees.  I cannot support the first inclination by lawmakers to raise taxes and fees.
  • The expansion and growth (and appetite) of government.  We need to downsize government.
  • Issues surrounding State sovereignty.
  • Dependence on Federal funds.
  • Readiness of our State militia to respond to sudden onset disasters.
  • Environmental issues that affect health and our quality of life.
  • Ethical reform – there must be a zero tolerance policy for corruption.
  • Encourage citizenship and patriotism.




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